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Spread in Betting


Spread betting is a popular type of betting in which the gambler has to bet on whether the result will be one of 2 options provided by the bookmaker. This means it’s a 50-50 chance bet in which you can either go right and win or go wrong and lose.

When someone spread in betting he actually has to choose on whether the final score of the game will be above or below a certain score odds provided by the bookmaker.

There’s no draw result in spread betting. In case the result is draw, which means the final score is somewhere in between the margins of the bet, the money is returned to the gambler. You don’t have to be a genius to bet on spreads, you simply have to guess which one is the better option as provided by the bookmaker.

Spread in betting can either be a sports bet or a financial bet. While sports betting has been around for centuries, financial spread betting is rather new and is gaining popularity every day as more and more gamblers find out they can start betting on financial markets without the initial investment required in the real life financial markets and it’s practically the same only shaped as a bet.

The difference between financial spread betting and sports spread betting is the bet itself. While in sports spread betting you get to be on sporting events, in financial spread betting you get to bet on financial products such as oil, gas gold silver and other commodities much like currencies and stocks and shares.

Even though there’s no guarantee of winning unless you master arbitrage spread betting, the spread bet is a good place to start your betting journey as the chances are 50% of win loss. Spread betting types of bets also have an option of leveraging the bet which means the initial bet amount can bring a high winning amount.

The spread in betting provided by the bookmakers or financial spread betting companies is determined by statistical team who base their odds on the history of the object the bet is concerned to. For example if it is known that the oil can reach a $75 value per barrel in this time of year (due to summer times and vacations and increased demand for oil) most likely the odds and the spread will be accordingly. The same goes for sports betting in re-matches between the same teams.

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