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NFL spread betting

NFL spread betting

Spread betting is not so much unlike NFL betting. Let’s take an example of an NFL example bet. On Sunday there was the Steelers-Ravens match which had the Steelers as 3 point favorite, but the Ravens (Baltimore) beat the Steelers by three. Thus if you had taken side on the Steelers (Pittsburgh) not only would you have picked the wrong winner, but you would have been wrong by a full 6 points – your team should have won by three but it lost by three! Usually, in football bets, you would say bet $1.10 to win $1 and if you chose Pittsburgh the Steelers would need to win by more than 3 points for you to win the bet. What if they had won by exactly three? You would end up pushing or with a tie and get back your monies. If they lost the game of won the game by under 3 points – you would lose the bet.

With financial spread betting you could have bet say $10 per point on the Steelers. Since your prediction was six points off course – you would have ended losing $10×6 or $60. If you had staked $100 per point, your loss would have amounts to a full $600…etc For this arrangement to work, you would need to have a balance that could be debited – which doesn’t really work well with the conventional sportsbook ticket issued in Las Vegas. Betting on the Ravens would give you opposite results – this in reality is a simplified model as it doesn’t make use of the real bid-ask prices that would be used that have a built in commission or vigorish – but you get the idea.

To do the same with say the Dow Jones, you could bet the Dow Jones moving up or down by X points and bet a certain amount per point. Naturally, the more dollars you bet per point, the bigger your position and consequently the more leveraged your bets.


nfl spread betting

NFL spread betting (dailycontributor)

The NFL is the most common sport in the US and the bets on its results are the highest in the industry. This is the reason for the financial spread betting programs to go into the NFL spread betting market and to offer the spreads bets like the online gaming sites.

If you are a NFL fan and if not, the opportunities which are waiting for you online, in the NFL spread betting market are great. For the ones who are not involved in the NFL Leagues and do not follow the daily results, the options are even bigger since you have clear mind. The NFL games involved lots of emotions which are not always good when you are coming to bet on spreads.

Since the popularity of the NFL games and the NFL spread betting options, there is massive information about the teams, players, odds and so on. It will be easy to get into this information sources and focus on a team or a player. After learning this team or player, it will be easy to predict the future moves ad to know what it will do in the next game. This is a great tool for you to know which the best NFL spread is bet you can place in order to maximize the revenue.

The online sources for the NFL spread betting suppose to provide an objective look for your odds, positions, games and available spreads. Remember that these sources are part of the online spread network and not always will benefit when you are looking for the best tips on your NFL spread bets.

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