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Market Betting

The financial market has been waiting for this for quite a while now, market betting is the new era of financial investment and it’s actually known as financial spread betting.

Now you can place a bet on financial products including commodities (oil, silver, gold, gas, wheat) , stocks and shares, currencies (unlike forex you can now bet on the spread of currencies as will be explained shortly) and more.

The best thing about market betting is the fact there’s no need for a huge sum of money to invest like in the real world where you need to have the current value of the product to be invested in it (value of a stock, oil price and so on).  You can easily double triple and more your bet amount with little risk with the stop loss option which protects your money. Without the stop loss, just as you can win big, you can lose big which is the dark side of market betting.

The financial market betting is one of the fastest growing markets online. It’s getting even better than forex due to the fact the options for investment is limitless whereas forex is more complicated by nature and deals solely with currencies.

Financial market betting is available online as many online forex companies decided to expand their business into financial spread betting which is gaining popularity. This is mainly due to the fact it’s licensed and regulated in the UK.

Betting on the financial markets is similar to the regular financial investments we all know, with long and short trading only in this type of investments you need to place a bet on whether the spread set by the financial spread betting company will go long or short.

The financial markets are hot, the oil is trending heavily and now it’s the time to make a profit on spread betting. If you are hesitant and the market betting seems like gambling to you, know that it is! Its 50-50 bet much like placing the bet on the black or red in roulette – there’s a chance you win and there’s a chance you’ll lose just like the gold price can go up or down.

betting online can be done in the various and different spread betting providers offered on this site. You can find some good bonuses to get you started on your spread betting journey.

The most important thing is to be careful and spread your risks, you might just lose as you might win, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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