Traders are saying that the ETORO platform is the best platform on the market. There is no other Forex platform to give such trading tools and graphical help to the users. The trade on the ETORO platform is easy and fun, it helps you gain more trading skills and experience.

ETORO designers are thinking in another way, therefore the ETORO software is not like the other Online Forex software’s. The ETORO platform reminds the online games world where the interaction between the user and the platform involved elements of video and fun. This makes the trading with ETORO different and more “gamy” then others.

You can trade with ETORO stimulatingly, on few trades at once. You can use the trading tools and to track all the trades from one window. Veiwing all the running trades will help you to detail the best crosses, follow the highest bids and track the amount you invested, the profit you made and the gains. On the ETORO lobby you will find the currencies to trade. All currencies are representing by graphic characters: The US farmer, the Japanese Sumo man and the European business man. Choose the currency to trade, open the bid and make the offer. There is no easier way to trade online.

In addition to the Forex Marathon on the lobby, you also have the options on Dollar trend and Globe trader. If you like to deposit and withdrawal funds with Credit Card, the minimum to deposit is $50. Via Wire transfer you will have to deposit minimum of $500.

For a Credit Card deposit – the minimum single deposit limit is $50, the maximum single deposit is $1,000 with a monthly deposit cap of $5,000.  The Wire Transfer deposits are with a minimum single deposit of $500, a maximum single deposit limit of $5,000 with a monthly cap also at $5,000.

Thanks to the special elements on the ETORO forex platform, more and more traders are using this service. The community of traders is getting bigger daily and more funds are deposits. The right place to enjoy the Online FX market and to be able to combine fun and profit, is on the ETORO.

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