Easy Forex

The Easy-Forex platform was designed to be easy to use by all traders. The founders are ex bankers and Foreign Exchange experts. The Easy-Forex based in Cyprus but give support and services all around the world. Easy-Forex is available in many languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew.

The transactions on the Easy Forex system are easy and use Credit cards and Pay Pal services. You can fund the cash and withdrawal with these two main options. For withdrawing you will have to show ID and bank number. The best thing about Easy-Forex and the option that makes this platform so popular is the on going support. You can read and watch some guided tutorials online together with speaking to Easy-Forex expert. These guys are available 24 hours while the FX market is open and they have additional information to help your bids and to help you make the right trades.

Easy-Forex offers different kinds of account to the users. Mini accounts, Gold accounts, Platinum accounts and tailor made Import- Export accounts. Each Forex account has it obligations; spread offers, pips and so on. In all Easy-Forex accounts you can trade over 100 crosses of currencies and make your investment and risk as low as $12.5

On Easy-Forex you have no option to have Demo account, means all trades are for real money and no practice involved. You do have the Easy-Forex support and the option to invest little amount as a start.

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